Expert Instructors

Olivia Silcock
Grand Award Winner at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Physics and Chemistry

State ranker - 17th in the state for the Math Advanced.

98 in the Math Extension 1 HSC.

94 in English Advanced
Hritu Saha
Group Class Tutor

98 in English Ext 1

96 in English Ext 2

Published in NESA’s Young Writers Showcase

Guest speaker for the English Teachers Association

3+ years of tutoring experience
Working for the English teachers assocation creating education resources for extension English students and teachers.
Timothy Zhou
Group Class Tutor

State ranked 6th for Math Extension 1

State ranked 1st for IPT

99.80 ATAR

96 in Math Extension 2

91 in English Advanced

Dux of William Clarke College 2023
Ethan Bice
100 in Math Ext 1

98.70 ATAR

96 in Math Ext 2

94 in Physics

91 in Chemistry
Ella Nijseen-Smith
98.85 ATAR

E4 in Math Ext 1

E4 in Math Ext 2

Band 6 in Physics
Julie Reda
5+ Years of Tutoring Experience

96.00 ATAR

E4 in Math Ext 1

E4 in Math Ext 2

Band 6 in Physics
Kiran Benedict
98.95 ATAR
94 in Biology
97 in Math Ext 1
94 in Math Ext 2
Glenwood Highschool Learning Officer Experience
Ankita Pramod
96+ ATAR
Band 6 in Math Advanced
E4 in Math Ext 1
Band 6 in English Advanced
E4 in English Extension
Band 6 in Business Studies
Jodi Yoon
4+ Years experience tutoring English
2 Years of IB language and literature
1 Years of IB Psychology, TOK, Biology
1+ Years experience tutoring HSC Chemistry
Raj Sinha
97.85 ATAR
94 in Chemistry
92 Math Extension 1
96 in Math Advanced
92 in Business studies
Sophia Wiggins
96.30 ATAR
Band 6 in English Advanced
Band 6 in Math Advanced
E4 in Math Ext 1
Rose Hale
95/100 in the English Advanced HSC
91/100 for Studies of Religion II (SOR)
Winner of the Area level public speaking competition.
2nd in the Rotary public speaking competition.
Varun Vyom
97.40 ATAR
91 in English Advanced
94 in English Extension 1
95 in Legal Studies
Shiv Nair
98.20 ATAR
94 in Math Extension 1
92 in Chemistry
91 in Biology
Konaal Gupta
97.65 ATAR
97 in the Math Extension 1 HSC
Band 6 in the Physics HSC
Nikita Shree
5+ of Chemistry Tutoring
IGCSE and AS&A Level Chemistry Educator
Cambridge Certified Tutor
Raghav Malhotra
98.60 ATAR
95 in the Physics HSC
94 in Mathematics Extension 1
94 in the Chemistry HSC
Carlos Daroy
96.00 ATAR
93 in Math Extension 2
92 in Math Extension 1
Tommy Cummins
Glenwood Highschool Teacher's aid
2+ Years of tutoring experience
K-10 English Specialist
E4 in Math Extension 1